27 July 2009

What ever it is....

Mixed feelings. Convocation day is coming. It'll be on 10th August, Monday. Sesi petang to be exact. Not sure whether I am excited or what now. Everyone is working on that day. Definitely. Thought of hiring a photographer but now, I don't think so since my whole family and closest friends might not be able to attend my convo except for Abah and Mak la of course. Aih why la it's 'sesi petang'? and why la it's on Monday? Gggrrrr....
What ever it is, my baju is 'on the way' untuk siap. Nak check lagi nanti and kasut pun harus dibeli juga. No way untuk kelihatan tidak cantik pada hari itu walaupun ramai yang dijangka tidak dapat hadir nanti. ehem ;p


Btw, Al-fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad...may you rest in peace..



  1. nak i tolong tangkap kan gmbr tak...?
    agak2 sama level saiful nang gitu! he he he