01 July 2009

Report for last weekend

Friday 26th June 2009. Yes the day we received the sad news bout our late MJ. I am still sad. I miss him..

Back to report. Friday was hectic. Prepared for the event. Packed this, packed that. All running here and there to make sure everything settled. Then by 445pm the whole deparment shoot to Marriot Putrajaya. Tell u something, the traffic was crazy. Stucked in the traffic for almost an hour. We should leave office by 3/4pm! arghh..OK fine. While on the way to Marriot, Boss called and informed us bout the uniform. Cufflink?? Arghh none of us have it. Shait. Rushed to PKNS Bangi and looked for 'butang baju melayu aku mane pah?' instead :D. Phewww..settled. Drove to Marriot. Reached there at 715pm. Straight headed to Secretariat Room for dinner. Damn. They only served us plain nasi goreng. I heard they charged us RM100 per pax. For the darn bloody plain nasi goreng?? MANA CUKUP! LAPAR HOKEY!! At night, we had committee meeting and dry run with the event management. Then they bought KFC for supper (much much better than our dinner served earlier. uhh!).
There's something bout the uniform..ermm so frustrating. I ordered 1 size bigger than last year's but it was a disaster coz this year the tailor made the cutting 1 size smaller. Everyone was so angry..especially me la sebab ketat gila even dah button 2 yg atas pon gila ketat mcm lepat pisang! Terpaksa guna akal untuk pakai baju tu. Luckily it turned out OK on Saturday night tu. Pheew!
Saturday came. Everyone was ready and 'excited' to work again during AmMillionnaire Award Presentation this year @_@. Too long to share here. Photos taken during the whole event give better story telling I guess..So checkidout later..

Sunday was nice...coz I woke up at 10am ++ and I skip breakfast. I don't mind at all. seriously ;p Continue the day for GM's training at 2-5pm then headed to KLCC to buy something and met Zati and Asrin too. Finished my late lunch with them then I went to Pavillion pulak to join Along, Apah, Adik and the gang.

It was a tiring but fun weekend. Going to be busy bees again this weekend. But this time it'll be the department's family day in Melaka. Hope to get more rest the following weekend. I'm too busy but not doing much thing for my wedding preparation. crazy.
Friday Night...
Saturday : Day event... Night event
*More pictures in facebook lah


  1. wah..nape ko makin berseri2 nok???! mak teruja nih! plus...makin kurus..and chanteqqq gitu..!!
    meletoppssss auwww!

  2. pembetulan, x semakin berseri pun, x makin kurus pun, x chanteqq pun jgk..and x tipu!! betol x tipu!! hahahahaha
    but if u nak jgk ckp i camtu..i mesti nak cakap TERIMA KASIH NURYASHMA YASSIN! hahahahahah