30 July 2009

Feeling ermm feeling ermm...

Feeling good. Feeling excited. Feeling great!

Why why why?

'Cause me and Sada will be on leave tomorrow ;-) To settle some 'suff' and of course, to attend our girl's wedding. It's Yashma Solemnization day lah tomorrow!! Erm erm erm..Sada just called me to check on what baju I'll be wearing tomorrow petang, malam, and on the reception day. Ngade la Sada ni! dah sah sah baju kurung or baju yang mengikut adat budaya kita dalam menghadiri majlis perkahwinan bukan? Keh3. Bukan itu yang disebukkan..Actually we were too busy deciding what colour of baju kurung we'll be wearing esok and Sabtu. hehehe. Well, girlsss..............hahahahaha

Owh this weekend me going to Melaka for our family's outing before puasa. It's a tradition to go jalan-jalan before bulan puasa datang. Don't know why. Along yang selalu plan ;p

Orites lah, me got tons of work to do and meeting to catch (not liking it!)....and before I end..

Dear Yashma,

Finally finally finally kawin huh? hehe. Dulu kat college semua main-main je. You was my 'postman'..ingat? hahaha. U kept all my silly secret nicely and thank you for that! ;p I miss our memories in that great college, KLIUC! hahaha. And for your wedding, I wish all the happy things in this world for you and Amad..May Allah bless your wedding and marriage life yer after this hehe. I'm gonna miss you as the 'single lady' haha. Be good, I know you can do it! errmm..speechless..tiba-tiba rasa nak runtuh airmata arghh! ahh!. Congratulations and love you KROMOKS!



  1. congrates to ur beloved fren! hi...bump into ur blog from redmummy.com..nice blog..mind to exchange link??

    salam kenal -lily lotus-

  2. tq for dropping by lily lotus! tqtq ;)

    orites lets exchange link jom!hehe

  3. tetibe terbaca post ni....owhhh..tak sangka u dah ade anak...and i'm still.......heheheh

    sedihhhh!!!! huargghhhhh! tetibe!

  4. jgn ngengade yashma!! tp aku sebak jgk!! im tearinggggg! dun be sad, ur time will come. i love u!!