21 January 2009


I'll be out of Kl in 1 and a half hours time. This time is PD. For some work of course ;p but this time it is something abnormal coz when it comes to PD..tho it's a lame beach to go in Malaysia ;p, I usually feel excited everytime I go there no matter what. But this time..I'm not liking it at all. Not because of the crowd, the event or anything related to work (aih) but maybe because of 25th..this Sunday. For closest ones who already know bout it, you guys surely dun wanna listen to my 'rengekkan and kusutan' anymore ;p. But for those who still have no idea on what it's all about, wait for my entry after CNY holiday. I sure will share with guys the whole story..kan saya ni Lifetime Storyteller ;) Apa-apa pon chill saja!~

Eh tiba-tiba rasa lapar nak makan niiiiiiiiiiii! Let's DOME! @_@




  1. i'll mis you!!! have a fun time (despite the malasness)

    hey I love PD, its not lame, ok! hahah quick getaway from the city :P

  2. Babe! I tukar my url lagi!


    i private kan...so access using ur yahoo email!