11 December 2008

Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy Big Sister!

Today Nurjahan Akbar Khan turned 31. Someone I call 'Kak Jan'. Someone I treat like my own Kakak. She is my additional elder sister (since I already have 2 at home ;p) Knew her since I was in secondary school. More than 10 years now =). Someone I could rely on everything especially laughing, chilling, crying and when doing kick ass activities.hehe. Basically most of the time I will turn to her regardless any situation pon. She is a good friend and can also be a 'mother' jugak kekadang sebab she is very good in cooking plus boleh membebel bila perlu ;p.

So anyway, macam mana I kenal Kak Jan? Unique =). She is actually my ex-bf's sister. The only sister in the family. Even after I broke off with Feroz, I still keep in touch with Kak Jan (without any intention to get back with Feroz ok!haha) As time goes by, we're getting closer and now she is one of the closest person I have in life. Sometimes,we spend the night over at her house (tanpa pedulikkan yang sebenarnya tidur kat umah ex-bf. Kalau fikir-fikir memang cam tak logik!tak malu!haha).Ahh wutever it is pon,we're good sisters and I can't imagine life without her =). Happy birthday Kak Jan and I hope your wish will always come true. I believe good people like you will always be blessed by Him. InsyaAllah. Enjoy your day and have fun! Love you :x *hugs*

p/s: maaf jika gambar terakhir menyinggung perasaan birthday girl.wuakaka :D


  1. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    i sebakkkkkkkk baca
    thanks for today, i couldnt ask for more
    thanks for being a great friend, lil sis i never had too. thanks for always being there for me. i love you!!!

    p/s: gambar tu tak menyinggung perasaan.. aku sukaaaaaaa hehehe

  2. kak jan...happy birthdayyy...berbahagialah selalu..