31 December 2008


Finally..year 2008 is going to its end as today is the last day and we'll be meeting our new 2009 with a better dream and hopes.

How was my 2008? Life has been good except for certain things. Those unfortunate events which thought me to be a better person today, tomorrow and forever it may be..I am thankful Allah blessed me with all my beloved ones, family, bestfriends, friends, new friends and relatives around. I started my 2008 with a new job on 1st Jan with Ambank Group. Though I can't say this is the best job I've done and there are lots of hiccups here and there, I am still glad I've been given a chance to work here coz I've learned a lot of new things especially in financial and insurance industry. I was a total jerk in financial and insurance before..hehe. I'm still looking forward to get a better job in communication line and doing what I love to do most :-)

2008 is ending but that doesn't mean I have to forget everything in 2008. My girl Salpa engaged in March, I went for a girlfriend's trip to Jakarta and Bandung in March too, my good friend Amai get married in November, my 4th nephew was born in June, my younger sis graduated her first degree in October and I finished my 4 years study in Degree in October too...aihhh owh there's a lot..seriously a lot to mention here...

No resolutions list for 2009 la as I am dumb in planning and achieving any target..all this while pon tak pernah plan.heh ;p eh but 1 thing! I hope I can be ulat buku and buy more storybooks and and and keep improving that..yeah! ;p owh 1 more thing lah! (ni mcm resolutions dh ni!haha) to get married with the most charming person on earth! (owh u know who u are boy..i'm ur totoro aitt?? ;p)haha gatai!




  1. Happy New Year Ain...Semoga cepat naik pelamin(sendiri punya okeh..bukan pelamin orang lain)..hehehe

  2. hahaha naik pelamin org lain? sabo je la.

    happy new year my dear. i hope the new year will bring the best things to you, the way you deserved it. *hugs*

  3. wow!
    u're getting married! yeayyyy!!!!!