24 December 2010

party people

I love parties! be it birthday party, bachelorette party, anniversary party, housewarming party, even kenduri kendara and banyak lagi! :D
Paling suka part decorations, planning and all. That's why since schooling time, asal nak buat gathering ke hapa, sure muka aku dalam list ahli jawatankuasa hahaha!

Since Sara and Sada is getting married this January, we're going to have their Bachelorette party on 2nd Jan at Cafe Barberra, Jalan Maarof Bangsar. I was super excited to throw ideas for the deco. Kepala otak dah start nak buat itu ini craft and all. Memandangkan my girl is too small to handle selain kerja-kerja ni I volunteer myself to make their cards and nametag.

We usually choose pastel colours for our party. So this time around we are going to have it in Purple and Red theme. Sangat kontra isn't it? Nak try macam mana rupanya party kaler-kaler strong ni. hehehe.

So now, I'm browsing few webbies for ideas! Fun! weee!~
Pic courtesy by tedroz :)

ainbubuk :)

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