22 December 2010

Kuala Selangor Trip

My cousin brother Ahmad Fadhil Husin, (we call him Padil) got married last Friday at Kuala Selangor. So we the whole family took the opportunity to spend a night as our end year holiday. We stayed at a homestay which was booked and sponsored by my auntie. Tepi sawah.hehe. Sadly because of too busy with Darin, I really forgot to snap a picture of the sawah padi view and homestay as well. Sigh

I didn't join the rest of the gang for night outing coz it was raining heavily and decided not to bring Darin out scared she'll get too cold outside, plus lecak and all. sigh. Next time when Darin dah besar we go see kelip kelip and eat seafood there ok?

We then continued our journey to Penang on Saturday for our jalan-jalan hujung tahun 2010 ;pp

ainbubuk :)

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