22 May 2009

Good Food

These few days kan I'm on leave..so last thursday, me and Anas had breakfast in Pappa Rich, Bndr Sri Permaisuri. Our fav spot for coffee and steamed roti! I had steamed bread with chicken curry and iced Tea C..dunno what 'C' means there..maybe campur? and Anas had his heavy breakfast, kuewtiau soup with chicken and fried foo chok..disebabkan fried foo chock sangat sedap sehingga menjilat dinding maka weolls order lagi dan lagi keh3...

Aaaa petang tadi me, Adik and Anas went to Gardens, Midvalley so we went to Tony Romas for tea (tea sangat!!! penipu hahaha) and and after Tony, i got myself a big RED clutch, pair of RED shoes (owh I'm so RED uolls!) and a tummy which is full of happiness! muahah!

But, it was my mistake when Adik and Anas asked where to go, I said "jom gardens, lama tak gi sane kan?" and they followed...I should go to KLCC sebab Crocs ada sale kan kat isetan!! stupid! mengada-ngada! huh...Sunday is tooooo longggg...esok got exam, wedding and kenduri kat kampong..tak sempat pegi esok..demmit

OOhhh laa laaaa................. :D cheers!


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