05 May 2009

Don't know why laaaa....

Don't know why I am super lazy to upload all my photos from my digicam..(and the memory card is now bloated!)

Don't know why I always feel hungry...like all the time! (bad sign bad sign....for the big day haha)

Don't know why I keep thinking of Anas going to Abu Dhabi and leaving me alone..(be strong la!)

Don't know why I spend crazily lately...spend on anything & everything!(sign of getting broke?!)

Don't know why my family always plan for vacation & activities (like every wkend!) and it makes my pocket go empty!

Don't know why.....Gucci and Coach are making me super crazy since our visit last Sundayyyy (weyy how I wish I am super duper multi millioanaire so that I can buy more than 1 handbags everyday!)


I don't know why I talk crap a lot nowadays....(sign of ageing of course..owh sigh...........)


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