28 March 2009

Happy Birthday Diri Sendiriiii!

Owh I can't believe it! I'm 26 sudah! hahahaha. Semakin tua, semakin jelita (hukhuk!), mintak panjang umur, bertambah murah rezeki, semakin bahagia..with Anas hendaknya ;p and more wiser! I'm glad I'm still with my loved ones on my 26th birthday and pray Allah bless every single thing I do in my life...amin amin amin...

* Pictures above was taken last night tepat jam 12am pagi!hee..Anas surprised me! He came to my house silently and asked me to go down..I thought he was making silly joke! But it end up became very surprising, exciting and touching moment! Thanks a lot lah sayang!
* Last night on the eve of my birthday pon ada sesuatu berlaku! It's alll about me, Kak Jan and Chot! Will blog bout it laytahhhh..picture belom dapat ;p

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  1. gile happy muka.. heheheh
    bertuahhh dpt anas :P