17 March 2009

Continue breathing....

I don't feel like updating this blog. There's so many things..(non-interesting thing to be exacttttt). Except for the trip to Jakarta I went last 2 weeks with my lovely sisters and bestfriend Zati with her sis, Zura that I have yet to update here. =) owh I can put a smile on my face now coz I just mentioned bout the trip. hehe. It was a fun one and definitely a must-go-place every year. Yeah since it was my 3rd time to Jakarta, I again finished hell-lot of money and can't help myself from keep thinking on when is the next trip I should go this year before I get married in Dec ;p Don't worry, I will story bout it later and show how busy I was in Jakarta yeahh ;)
The reason why I'm writing this now coz I've decided to continue breathing from my dead and downs lately. To start the story,just wanna tell you guys that I just had a short fun with Chot and Kak Jan at bubur Kg.Baru (Chot's pre-bday celebration too haha..hangin dia). Act, I brought Kak Jan to Chot's place (it's Salikin Sidek Butik for your info yeah --> promotion purposes ;p haha) to discuss on my wedding baju, pelamin etc. Since Anas is going to Abu Dhabi this April, lots of things need to be pre-finalized so that I will not be pening alone while Anas is not around (saddddddddddddd). Banyak lagi pun yang pending. Only that I want to at least confirm on some of the preparation so that it will not be a last minute decision on how, who, what and where to get the baju, pelamin, photographer and few stuff for the wedding. Since my job is killing me hardly lately kannnn (aihh!). Yes wedding is in December, but believe me, sekelip mata nanti dah December ok. And being a kan-cheong type of person, I must be prepared. Early preparation it is kan?
Hmm..thats all for now lah..I shall write again coz my stories are waiting to be published and shared with you guys here..later k..I want to sleep sleep sleep....night night night... =)

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  1. thanks for the lovely cotton kain.
    thanks for bwk org jakun ni gi "butik"
    hahah happy advanced bday chot. beshhhhh
    well u know what i used to say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!! :P miss the real you.. before this, u were not you. lol