13 February 2009

Owh sungguh lamaaaaaaa!

Wey this is so long since I last update my blog! aiyoooooo..owh btw, I'm still in my roadshow trip..currently in Muar and sadly now only I gotta chance to update my blog or even check my mail sebab guna mini notebook and pda vendor HP yang follow our roadshow in Southern Msia ni hehe..selama dah 9 hari ni asik la guna handphone to check mails and surely bill melambung dowh! hahaha. Gila tak best sebab tak dapat bawak laptop along sbb my manager ckp biar dia sorg je bawak. ishk! Ni yang tengah rasa nak beli sangat HP pda or mini notebook ni. serious cantek! My darling Anas Effandy sudikah anda? *wink ;p
Actually nak story kat sini before I actually went to this roadshow last 5th of Feb..tapi serious tak sempat ok..haih..7 days I was in Kuching, Miri, Sibu, KK and Tawau..hari-hari rushing kejar flight..gila sangat2. Now in Southern Msia pulak..Ok esok is the last stop..in JB..yeah! Thought of staying another 1 night in JB and balik on Sunday tapi rasa cam tak sabar lah nak pulang and see my hehehehe (owh u know who are baby! haha gedik gile). So esok petang lepas abis event I will straight shoot back to KL. And no more roadshow (for half year ni lah.. ;p)
Oklah..tomorrow is Valentines but I'm not celebrating lah..but for those yang celebrate enjoice lah yer..I need to work but so far enjoy lah the trip though it is super tiring..believe me!aiiii....But the best thing is I got the chance to try niceeeeee seafood in Tawau and Sibu! And I;m so going to Tawau againnnn...Pulau Sipadan here I comeeeee!~Will share the photos later lah ok.
Miss you guys hell-lot!!! muah muahh muahhhhh!!!

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  1. owhh sgt ku rindu blog ini. i miss your stories!!!