19 January 2011


Last weekend was crazy. Saturday, helped along pindah rumah (not! it is more to "anas helped along pindah rumah, me and darin tengok aja" ;p). We supposed to finish early and get ready to Sarah's hotel for her reception at 4pm. Unfortunately due to the lorry's late arrival, we were late to the reception..super late :(

The saddest thing bout the night....I telah jatuh gedebok! :( luckily Darin selamat in my arms! I was pretty shocked but alhamdulillah everything was fine. Thank you Kak Jan for being there for meeeee..with meeee...aih...

After all, it was a very beautiful night. Sarah and Sham looked stunning and gorgeous. I love their outfit and every single thing from head to toe..not to forgot every bits of the wedding (especially my besties!) :)

Next time around is Sada's wedding. arghh..another nervous attack to me and the clan sebab we gotta make her hantaran and mini pelamin for nikah as well. aiyok..nevermind insyaallah we can do it!haha. Then in February is my cousin's turn. Hantaran deco again. my life is fun! :)
Owh we are planning to go cuti-cuti Malaysia this CNY holiday. We haven't decide where to go yet but anyhow, on 3rd Feb we are going to have a picnic and bbq at the beach nearby my house, Bagan Lalang with our closest cousins.yeayy!! 4th baru jalan-jalan ok ;pp
ainbubuk :)

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