19 November 2009

thank you girls...

Ok mari mula bercerita...

You guys know I've been such a busy bastard lately huh ;p but itu tidak menghadkan diri saya untuk berjimba atau dalam erti kata lain, berpartaayyyyy!!!
So, last Sunday located at Bijou, Mont Kiara I had the party with them. Who 'them'?? heh my girls of course!! We planned to have makan-makan before I get married. Yeah with everyone if possible. Tapi ada yang tak dapat join. Soccay, there's always tomorrow..Zati supposed to join too but she couldn't make it sebab wedding dia seminggu lagi time tu. sian...
It was a beautiful party, lunch, and a crazy evening karaokeing at Red Box, the Curve hehe. Everyone were sooo busy taking photos, posing here, posing thereeeeee and of course dancing and singing out loud at the karaoke...hehehe...my last party as a singleton ey heheheh
Ermm thank you girls, each and everyone of you mean so much to my life. We've been through lots of ups and down throughout our more than 10 years frenship. I love you all so much...I wish I could turn back time, doing those wild and light criminal ;p and stupid stuff during our schooling and college time hehe. To Kak Jan, you are special...our relationship memang unik kan? I bet no one ada experience macam ni. Sapa boleh comolot dengan kakak ex-boyfriend kan? 1st love some more! heheeh..but you are more than a sister, you are a friend I could cry and laugh together, emotional partner, food hunting partner and all I can call you in this world..
I wish Sazul, Farah, Yash, Ina and Zati were there too but no matter what, you guys are always in my heart =)
To Kak Jan, Sada, Chot, Sarah, Salpa, Lisha and Lyana,
You girls rocks! I don't know how to tell how much I thank all of you for the lunch and party...how glad I am for having such a great girlfriends like all of you and I promise that I will always cherish all the moment we had together, now..in the future and forever..thanks for every single thing, thanks for wishing my great life as always...even if I get married after this, we can still go 'berjimba' ok? you guys are my 'forever girls' muuaaahh!!!



  1. I LOVE the balloonsssss, they are so prettyyyy...but of course...not as pretty as our bride-to-be there....congrats Ain...:P

  2. wah..happy sakan sume..cute lah u guys

  3. ok i baru sedar u update blog. nanges! our relationship is unique, you are the kind of friend that everybody should have and i am blessed to have you in my life. happy kawin!! hehe

  4. nangis jgk kak jan! tq i love u!

    tq lily....hehehe

    kee kee, nnti ur wedding kita bridal shower kt sana ok? hehehe