28 October 2009


Omigosh Omigosh Omigosh!! I'm now writing at 1.31 am???? What are you doing noor ain? This is your 'sleeping beauty' time! argh! Now the pressure is getting harder...office block the access to blogspot, blogger.com and all stuff related to blogging! ni sapa pulak report2 kat IT ni kasik block? kecoh ar

Ok persetankan blog kena BLOCK! Story, last weekend was hell busy meeting friends and I've started distributing cards too. So managed to catch up with some goold old days friends from college at Sya's makan2 at her house, met Fakhrul at Fais's house in Equine Park and hang out with my good friends since school at Setarbak, Metropoint Kajang (kak jan ok la I ngaku memang I orang Kajang ape! kajang forever! haha). Tiring but very happy. All photos in fb ;p

This week is the last week for me to give training before I actually leave the company for good. Yes for good darlings =) all I can say is, I am pretty lega kih3.......ok enough bout keje. bluwek

Since this week is the last week of October, perasaan gundah gulana bertambah sebab masa berjalan terlalu pantas. neves tengok calendar. wuakakaka. walhal nothing much pending pon. pretty teratur ;p Alhamdulillah..cuma being me yang kan cheong ni, always nak neves neves tak tentu hala. Itupon ada orang leh cakap 'ko nampak hepi je nak kawin..mcm relax x tension pon"..iyolah tu! hahahah

Hmmm ok...I need to sleep now..or else, terlambat setengah jam macam pagi semalam! gila

Nightey all! Eh I think tomorrow I wanna eat ice cream bebanyak lah...remind me k!


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