19 November 2008

Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless and Fabulous day

Last Saturday me and Chot attended this 1 event held in Bijou Restaurant at Mont Kiara. Chot was 1 of the finalist for the FFF Award (selected based on her achievement and service as the assistant designer of Salikin Sidek for this 5 years). Since I've been FORCED (remember this, force yer!) to accompany her (she was so chicken out bout this thing..seriously), then I decided to sleep over at her house in Kg.Baru on Friday night and use her car on Saturday instead of mine (kasik rest la kete ku ittiew.cian dia x pernah rehat ;p). The event was so nice and simple. I like the whole idea Cosmo team prepared for the afternoon (despite few minor things here and there). Owh oleh kerna Chot didn't rsvp the editor..I was angry jugak la scared if I don't get any seat or wut so ever yang mampu memalukan diri sendiri (mengundang Chot! sebab she sorok the invitation card taknak kasi orang tahu pasal event tu.dia malu haha).
I acted as the photographer for Chot on that day (kasik chance la ni event dia plus Chot tak pandai amik gmbr! aihh sedih aku). Chot's attire suggested by me except the top ;p. She thought of going to KLCC and tengok-tengok apa yang cantik few days before event tu. But then I told her not to spend so much on it sebab I know she got lots of baju plus boleh je nak mix and match kan??!(feeling fashion consultant sangatt ;p) Then I suggested her to wear something Salikin's hehe. Songket to be exact sebab menggambarkan sikit la dia tu fashion designer and love traditional fashion so much. laipon songket ni memang RICH look sgt tau..I loikeee ;p. Buat apa nak wannabe gitu kan? Semua nanti nampak sama jer. hehe perasan. So gitu je lah..Anyway, I love the place so very much..jom??



  1. baju chot shangat shantiikkkk I LIOKEEEEEEEEEE

    well chot, walaupun tak menang u r still looking fun and fabulous! fearless tu i tak sure. hihihhi

  2. fearles tu i lagi x sureee
    sbb drive kete sendiri pon cam 'fear factor' jer!
    kalau x dipaksa, x diteman asik fearr je lah nk drive sendiri.
    tp fabulous and fun mmg betol.haha

  3. new pic profile so cute! i like kunin!!!