02 June 2011

owhh ah ah yesss

Owh my owh yes! ok don't get me wrong there haha. That's just to show my feelings right now. I'm happy. Yes definitely. Coz I've got a new phone, a present from husband. Owh of course sapa lagi nak tanggung bila dah berlaki (riak and takbur) ;p and owh I'm going for a holiday with my loving hubby and baby, Darin :)

Owh I better not write any longer coz photo blogging seems more fun kan? (lebih-lebih lagi frm my dearest new bestfriend,BBerry hahahahahahahaahahaha batak!)

few attempts ;p



  1. tahniah!! welcome to BBery world..haha!!

  2. comey nye anak anak puteh gebu. hehe