02 February 2011

long holiday long fun?

I can't believe it I forgot to blog! Not that I don't want to but I seriously forgot to blog. oh myyy...Ok it seems like everyone is out of town for long holiday due to CNY. I'm still stuck in the kedai cuz our customer will come to take his order and he is still ON THE WAY >.<
What did I do for the past few weeks? I went to few weddings, cousin, besties etc..attended birthday party as well. And owh ya, did shopping for my little girl bushuk masham Darin too :) I end up spent so much money at Cotton On Kids and all I got for myself is only a pair of shoes from Cotton On and a pant aih..anak anak...
Owh forgot to write something bout Sada's wedding. It was such a memorable wedding with my besties, preparations, very hectic here and there, last minute this and that..crazy I can say hahaha. But after all, I heart every single thing on her wedding. And I am so happy that she love the hantaran, pelamin and deco we made for her :) I love you Sada and Joe!
Ok, since tomorrow is CNY til friday and the break continue till Sunday...I am going to a long vacation with Sada, Lyana, Sarah and our hubby to Penang (of course we are going to stay at our dearest Yash's crib! haha). Can't wait for the moment to come where we can again have our long chit chatting, outing, makan-makan and tido sesama after soo longgggg kan??? hehe.
But before Penang, me and the whole family will have a picnic with my cousins, aunty and uncle at Bagan lalang beach (our home sweet home! ;p). Can't wait for this picnic too! Coz we've been discussing bout this like crazy and we are sooo gonna make it tomorrow!hahaha. I bet it'll be super fun with them!
Till then, have a good long holiday with your loved ones (I'm sure I will! ;p)
ainbubuk :)

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